Land more sales meetings and close more deals with personalized sales messaging powered by AI.

Accelerate the journey from cold outreach to closed deals at scale by utilizing LinkedIn interactions, insights gathered from the web, and AI to craft sales messages that sound uniquely you, at scale.

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Transform Your Sales Message Creation and Cold Outreach with Saleslights

In a world of overflowing inboxes, making your cold outreach stand out is more difficult than ever. Personalization is effective but takes time and is difficult to scale. And while AI promises to speed things up, too often, it leaves your messages sounding more robot than human.

Enter SalesLights: your secret weapon for cutting through the noise. Imagine crafting personalized, attention-grabbing messages in just 60 seconds, not 20 minutes. With SalesLights, your emails echo your unique voice, powered by insights from LinkedIn and the web.

SalesLights is here to change the game. Your messages, your voice, zero compromise. Say goodbye to the impersonal touch of AI and hello to outreach that truly connects.

Send personalized cold outreach at scale

Ditch the 20-minute message, craft personalized campaigns in 2 with SalesLights’ AI-powered personalization.

SalesLights uses AI to personalize email and LinkedIn outreach at scale, so you can send highly targeted messages that resonate with every prospect in minutes, not hours. Imagine the extra deals you can close when personalization doesn’t take a back seat to time constraints.

Scale your ABM campaigns

Scale your account-based marketing programs without sacrificing personalization. Book warm meetings with high-value accounts with SalesLights’ AI-powered outreach.

Traditionally, ABM requires significant time investment for personalization. SalesLights changes the game. Our AI analyzes data and interactions to craft personalized messages for even the most complex ABM campaigns. Focus on building relationships with key decision-makers, while SalesLights personalizes your outreach at scale.

Sound like you, not AI

Speak your prospect’s language, not robot. SalesLights personalizes messages with your unique voice, powered by AI.

Sales reps worry that AI-powered messages sound generic or robotic. SalesLights is different. Our AI leverages LinkedIn interactions and web insights to craft personalized messages that sound authentically yours. Prospects won’t be able to tell the difference, only the impact – more warm responses and closed deals.

Empower Your Sales Team with Data-Driven Personalization

Turn your entire team into personalization ninjas. SalesLights makes it easy with data-driven best practices.

Not all reps are personalization experts. Generic messages hurt conversion rates. SalesLights solves this. Our platform empowers every rep with data-driven best practices and an intuitive interface for crafting winning personalized messages. Onboard reps quickly and watch your team’s personalization skills skyrocket.

Personalized Follow-Ups Across Every Interaction

Don’t drop the ball after the first message. SalesLights personalizes every touchpoint, from email to voicemail.

The personalization power doesn’t stop at the first message. SalesLights keeps the momentum going by personalizing follow-up emails, LinkedIn interactions, voicemails, and every touchpoint in your sales cycle. No more generic follow-ups that fall flat. SalesLights ensures every interaction resonates with your prospects, keeping them engaged and moving them closer to a closed deal.

Engage Like Never Before with Context-Rich Messaging

Saleslights takes personalized messaging to the next level. Our advanced AI doesn’t just understand your prospects; it speaks their language. By combining your inputs with our sophisticated AI, we create messages that don’t just speak to your prospects; they resonate, boosting your engagement and response rates through the roof.

Discover How SalesLights Fits Into Your Workflow

Step 1: Get setup quickly

Start by syncing SalesLights with your LinkedIn account and email. Our platform begins to learn your unique communication style right away, ensuring every message feels authentically you.

Step 2: Insightful Research in Seconds

SalesLights dives into LinkedIn interactions and web insights, gathering the intel needed to tailor your messages. Whether it’s a shared interest or a recent professional achievement, we find the connection points that matter.

Step 3: Personalize at Scale

Forget spending 20 minutes per email. With SalesLights, generate personalized, compelling outreach messages in just 60 seconds. Our AI crafts your emails and follow-ups, ensuring they sound like you, not a bot.

It's amazing how many emails we get every day. I mean some of us get between 60 to 80 messages a day! By just having the edge of building content around what someone wrote, that's what I thought was really powerful. You're building a really powerful message based on what someone wrote, it doesn't get much better than that.
John Nathenson
Vice President, Catalytics

Why Saleslights is Your Next Big Win?

Time Is Money

Shift from labor-intensive research to high-impact prospect engagement.

Smarter Messaging

Our AI ensures your messages hit the bullseye every single time.

Data-Driven Mastery

Use LinkedIn insights and activities to continuously refine and skyrocket your sales performance.

Consistency Is The Key

Maintain a strong, uniform brand voice across all touchpoints.

Personalized Like Never Before

Get into your leads' heads for messages that truly connect.

Ready to Transform Your Sales Outreach?

Discover how SalesLights can revolutionize your approach to sales emails and follow-ups with our AI-driven personalization. Say goodbye to generic messages and hello to conversations that convert.

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